IMGR is a powerful messaging technology that dynamically enhances mobile texting communication. Our Brand Messaging Technology™ is re-defining how messaging is used. 

Connect with Brands and Earn CA$H & Rewards While You Chat!

Our Brand Messaging Technology automatically integrates small charming brand icons (similar to emoji's) within your normal chats . You'll earn points for every message you send and receive that includes a brand. Redeem your points for rewards like iTunes, Google Play, and even Paypal Cash!! Or donate your rewards to Charity if you prefer.

Earning rewards is as easy as 1-2-3!!  Just download IMGR FREE from iTunes or Google play, invite your friends, start chatting, and watch the points add up!!

Create Your Own Custom Branded Emoji's

Create your own custom texting signatures right within the app (FREE). Your texting signatures can include your own personal brand emoji/company logo, and a text link.

While most social platforms are designed to broadcast a message on a large scale, IMGR takes a more personal approach, because, what's more personal than an instant message? Texting is fast becoming the communication method of choice, even for business contacts. Our Signature Brand Messaging Technology™ helps you build your brand with every message you send!

You can create multiple signatures right within the app. Your branded signatures can include an icon (like a company logo), and a live text link. Once they're created, they can be set to automatically rotate within your outgoing messages, or you can select a specific one on fly, just like selecting an emoji. Once they're set up, just start chatting and let IMGR do all the work!