We are conducting this survey to see how likely you would be to OPT-IN for a new REWARDS feature that would be available within your existing mobile messaging app.

By OPTING-IN for this feature, you would receive REWARDS while chatting with your friends.

A small brand emoji along with a short informational text link would be included within your incoming text messages received from your FRIENDS.

The brand information would include, special offers, announcements, newly released products, discounts, and exclusive promotions.

Below is an example of how it might look:

  • The feature would be completely OPT-IN! You could turn it off at any time.
  • You would receive ONE point for each branded (text) message you received.
  • Each point equals approximately 1 cent.
  • Points can be redeem for REWARDS like iTunes, Google play, Starbucks, and even CA$H!!

Example of potential monthly earned Rewards:

Total # of Texts Per Day / Month Estimated Monthly Rewards ($)
50 Day / 1500 Month $15.00
75 Day / 2250 Month $22.50
100 Day / 3000 Month $30.00
150 Day / 4500 Month $45.00