There are many ways that you can earn extra bonus points.

Refer a Friend 

The fastest and easiest way to earn bonus points is to refer a friend to IMGR.  You'll receive an extra 300 bonus points for each friend you refer to IMGR. Once they've downloaded IMGR, and have sent and received at least one sponsor branded message, then you'll earn the bonuses. The bonus points will be added to your points at the end of each month. Please email us the name and mobile number of each person you referred, or ask them to place your name in the comments section when they register.

We will randomly issue bonus points to consistent users.  Some way's you can earn extra bonus points include:

  • The more you use IMGR, the more opportunity you have to receive bonuses.
  • The more IMGR Contacts you have, the better!
  • Strategically choose the brands your sharing. The more interest (clicks) your shared brands receive, the better.
  • Change up the brand selections your sharing each month or two. Go to: Settings > Promo Settings > View/Edit Sponsors > Edit & Select.


We will occasionally offer special bonuses.

  • For users who have multiple referrals.
  • For users who consistently use IMGR and qualify for Rewards each month.
  • Random monthly bonuses to all users (1.5 x points, or 2x points).
  • Special sponsor bonuses. A particular sponsor may offer bonuses for sharing their brand.
  • Special occasions like birthday's, & anniversaries.
  • Holiday's

We're always thinking of new ideas for extra bonus offers and way's to improve the experience for our valued users.  We welcome suggestions or feedback.  if you have ideas or suggestions of how to make IMGR better, please share your ideas with us by submitting our feedback form.  Thank you!!