IMGR is a revolutionary instant messaging app that connects consumers with companies in a uniquely cohesive manner, by seamlessly integrating brands within normal daily chats shared between friends. By opting in, users receive exclusive offers, new product announcements, and special discounts. And they earn points for every branded message they receive. Points can be redeemed for Rewards like iTunes, Google play, and even CA$H!!

IMGR is Collaborative & Transparent

Most social platforms don't broadcast the idea that their earning revenue from their users by displaying ads. IMGR takes a more collaborative and transparent approach, by being completely up-front, and, sharing the revenue!! Learn more.

Send Enhanced Branded Instant Messages

With IMGR, users can create their own custom emoji/signatures right within the app. Messaging signatures can include a company logo, and a live informational text link. Users can build their company brand, share social media, or promote their favorite charity with every outgoing message. Learn more.


Our mission is to connect consumers with brands in an authentic and strategic way that builds trust, loyalty, and lasting connections.

Brands & Marketing Agencies

Discover a highly effective and laser targeted new marketing medium. Lets talk strategy.