Due to unforeseen circumstances with iOS and Android, we have unfortunately had to temporarily suspend our rewards program.

We value our users and sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Below are some FAQ's for current registered users.

Q. Will approved users receive rewards for September, and October?
A. We are currently evaluating each of our approved users accounts, and will be in contact with them regarding their rewards for these months.

Q. Will approved users receive rewards for November, December, and on...
A. Rewards are currently suspended until further notice. We will notify all of our approved users, once our rewards program is reactivated.

Q. Points are still adding up in the app. Will users receive rewards for those points.
A. Although users still have the ability to receive branded messages, and accumulate points, rewards have been temporarily suspended.

Q. Since rewards have been temporarily suspended, can the branded emoji's be turned off?
A. Yes. Go to Settings > Promos (Switch to Off).

Q. Can users still use IMGR for messaging?
A. Yes, IMGR operates perfectly fine for messaging. We understand why our users use IMGR, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Once we reactivate our rewards program we will do everything we can to make it up to our loyal users.

For additional questions, please contact our support team.